2020 Vapes Rewards


After running for almost 3 years we wanted to set up a system to thank you, the customer for your on going loyalty to us. With new vape companies opening up all the time we appreciate repeat and loyal customers. So with that we have launched 2020 Vapes Rewards. For more information read below or simply click the star in the bottom right corner, and thank you for your loyalty! 

Ways To Earn


Sign Up

Simply creating an account with 2020 Vapes instantly gets you 200 Points. Easy as that!

 Place an Order

For every dollar you spend on your orders gives you 10 Points.

Your Birthday

Once a year on your Birthday we give you 400 Points, just for being one of our friends!

 Share on Facebook

Sharing our site on Facebook gives you an easy 50 Points

 Like on Facebook

Like our Facebook Page is a quick 100 Points.

 Follow on Instagram

Following us on Instagram adds on 100 Points

Simply click the star in the bottom right corner to share, follow and like!

The Rewards

 $5 off discount

1000 Points

 $15 off discount

2000 Points

 $25 off discount

2500 Points