2020 Vapes Rewards

2020 Vapes Rewards
After running for almost 5 years we wanted to set up a system to thank you, the customer for your on going loyalty to us. With new vape companies opening up all the time we appreciate repeat and loyal customers. So with that we have launched 2020 Vapes Rewards. For more information read below or simply click the Rewards button in the bottom right corner, and thank you for your loyalty! 

Terms and Conditions
Please note rewards discounts do not work with other discounts, such as multipacks and Tuesday's 2 for $32 deal, (they will work with weekly specials).
  • Customer account holder must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Rewards discounts can not be exchanged for cash.
  • Rewards discounts cannot be transferred to any other person or entity.
  • Rewards discounts can not be used on items under the value of the discount.
  • Rewards discounts and customer rewards accounts can be closed at any time without any notice, (this is generally reserved for breach of terms and conditions).
 Ways To Earn

  Place an Order

For every dollar you spend on your orders gives you 10 Points.

 Your Birthday

Once a year on your Birthday we give you 500 Points, just for being one of our friends!

Ways To Redeem

 $5 off discount

2000 Points

 $15 off discount

3000 Points

 $25 off discount

 4500 Points

Please note 10 Points per $1.00 spent is excluding gst and shipping.  
Example: If your order is $24 you will receive 170 Points
$24 - $4 (shipping) - $3 (gst) = $17