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Vapes and Flying

Can you bring a vape on a plane?

Vaping devices like e-cigarettes, vape pens mods and pods must travel with you on airplanes, in carry-on luggage or in your pockets. That also applies to lithium batteries. E-liquid or extra pods can be packed in either carry-on or checked bags

The advice in this article applies in most places around the world, although we specifically reference New Zealand regulations. Since there may be minor variations in how vape rules are applied by different airlines, it’s best to check the specific airline rules before you fly. If you’re traveling to an unfamiliar country, you should also check the local vaping laws before you depart. Vaping is banned in some countries—in which case flying with a vape pen might be the least of your worries!

How to pack e-juice, batteries, and devices

Air travel is pretty straightforward for vapers. You can take a vape on a plane—and extra batteries, and e-liquid. You won’t have any problems as long as you follow some basic rules and know the procedures.

Flying with vaping devices and batteries

Because of concerns over fires in the cargo hold, all electronic devices and lithium vape batteries must be carried onto the plane. You can’t pack them in checked baggage. This is a worldwide rule, with no exceptions. If you forget and your luggage is x-rayed by the baggage handlers, you’re liable to lose your devices and batteries, and find your suitcase roughed up. Or they might leave your luggage at the departure airport. So take your vape devices aboard in your cabin luggage (or in a pocket).

More tips for flying with vape devices:

  • If you take extra batteries, keep them in safe plastic battery cases to avoid accidents
  • If your mod uses external batteries, don’t forget a battery charger!
  • If your trip is short, consider taking a couple simple devices like disposable vapes. They’re easy to carry, they don’t need a charger, and you won’t have to pack separate e-liquid
  • Cabin pressure can make full tanks leak. Only fill them partially, or leave them empty till you arrive at your destination

Traveling with vape juice: important tips

All liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes carried onto the plane must be in 100 mL (or smaller) bottles. That includes toothpaste, shampoo, hair gel, lip balm, deodorant—and e-juice too.

If you’re bringing more bottled e-juice and you need to put it in your checked luggage, double bag it to avoid arriving for your week-long vacation with a suitcase full of wet vanilla custard-smelling clothes! Pods and cartridges are also allowed in checked luggage.

 Tips for flying with e-liquid:

  • Cabin pressure can make full bottles expand, or even split at the seams. Try to take partially used bottles that have some unused space at the top
  • Consider carrying e-juice in a higher nic strength than you usually use, so you don’t have to bring as much
  • European Union countries (and some others) have a 20 mg/mL nicotine limit. If you vape anything higher than that, bring it with you!
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