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Frequently asked Questions


What is e-liquid (e-juice)?

E-liquid (also known as e-juice) is a liquid used in vapourisers (also known as e-cigs or e-cigarettes). E-liquid is a fluid that is turned into breathable vapour inside of a portable vapouriser. All our e-liquids are mixed from high-grade vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and flavour concentrates.

We keep the VG high as it is good for clouds and has a better taste but still include PG in some of our ranges as it carries the flavour better and makes the juice flavour last longer.

How do you use e-liquid (e-juice)?

E-juice is used as a base liquid for portable vapourisers or e-cigs. Applying the e-liquid to your vapouriser will vary depending on the make/type of you vapouriser. For tanks the juice is added to the tank via the juice opening. If you are using an RDA the juice is dripped on to your cotton.

What is vapourising or vaping?

Vaping does not produce any smoke, only vapour. This vapour dissipates quickly and leaves only a small whiff of its scent. Vaping is the act of applying heat through a coil of resistance wire to heat the e-liquid to a temperature where it evapourates. The vapour is inhaled.

Does Vape e-juice produce smoke?

No, Vape e-juice does NOT produce smoke. The effect of e-juice may look like smoke, but rest assured, it is simply vapour.

How does Vape vapour compare to flavoured hookah smoke?

Vape e-juice is not burned or “coaled”, and does not contain ANY tobacco or flammable materials. Hookah produces smoke, and that’s only after 10-15 minutes of setup and charcoal prepping.

How long does the e-juice last?

Our e-juices are sold in three sizes: 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. Each person’s vaping style and set-up affects how long your juice lasts. A more powerful battery on a sub-ohm tank will use a lot more juice than a beginners kit. Usage can therefore be anywhere between 1.6ml - +4.5ml of e-liquid a day. Some people are always going to use more, however, and moderation is at your discretion.

How long does my vapouriser battery last?

Vapouriser batteries vary in size (expressed in milliampere/hours or mAh) and power (expressed as an amp limit). A batteries life depends on how long it has been in use for, the resistance of your coil, the total charge it can hold, and the current it is discharging. Typically 1100mAhs will last a day with moderate to high use, however if you are using a sub-ohm battery the vape will require more power and will drain the battery quicker.

Are vapourisers (e-cigs) allowed in public places?

Portable vapourisers and e-cigs are typically allowed in public. Please ensure that you check with the establishment (bar, restaurant, shopping, etc.) as some vendors may not allow the use of e-cigs. In most cases it also tends to attract interest from others around you!

It is best practice to not vape where you can't smoke unless explicitly stated.

How do I properly maintain my vapouriser kit and e-juice?

Your vapouriser will require a little maintenance every now and then.

Coils will eventually burn out and can be purchased from us. When changing a coil it is good practice to remove the tank from the battery, take out the coil and flush out all air-vents and tanks with warm water. DO NOT SOAK THE COIL OR BATTERY IN WATER.

Batteries should be run completely flat and fully charged as often as possible, this will increase the life span of your battery an ensure it maintains it's charging capacity for the longest possible time.

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