Mechanical Mod Saftey

A Word of Safety

A mechanical mod is the balance between an advanced personal vaporizer and electronic cigarette reduced to its simplest form. Essentially a mechanical mod is just a metal tube that encases a battery. Mounted on top of the mod is a rebuildable atomizer (aka RDA / RDTA). It does not house any electronics, circuitry or a regulating chipset to limit the battery’s release of power.

Due to its simplistic structure, power is directly taken from the battery and directly transmitted to the atomizer. Because of this, it’s important to have a through understanding of the way RBAs operate prior to use.

Power being sent from the battery to the atomizer can be altered with different types of coil builds. There are many different types of wire material, which is used to alter resistance as well as vapor production. The lower the resistance the more energy the battery will release to the atomizer. However, it’s entirely up to the user to build and regulate the resistance of the coil.

Battery safety, having the knowledge of proper building, and knowing how to use a multimeter is very important when it comes to building mechanical mods and RBAs.

The Do’s & Don’ts of Mechanical Mod & RBAs

Do This:

  • Study up and understand Ohm’s Law and how it relates to your coil builds
  • Buy multimeter or ohmmeter and learn how to use it to check your build’s resistance
  • Regularly check for short circuits and atomizer resistance
  • Be sure your mechanical mod has vent holes
  • Use batteries composed of safe chemistry such as LiMN
  • Be sure not to store the mod with a battery in it when not in use to avoid misfires
  • Allow your atomizer that chance to cool down if you have been vaping on it for a while
  • Always check your resistance with a multimeter before you add your wick material

Don’t Do This:


  • Never use a battery that is almost depleted of power. Invest in a battery charger with a voltage reader
  • Never use cheap unprotected standard lithium-ion batteries
  • Never invert your battery
  • Never use a battery that shows signs of leaking, overheating, or one that is damaged in any way
  • Never build a coil below your resistance level of understanding

How Important Is Resistance When It Comes To Coil Builds?

It’s extremely important for you to know what resistance (measured in Ohms) is, as it’s the key for your understanding and safe operation of mechanical mods. Atomizer builds that have a low resistance will place a very high demand or “load” on the battery that you are using.

There are very few batteries in existence at the moment that can operate safely while delivering a heavy load. If a battery is used above its capabilities, it will likely fail. Battery failure can be venting, leaking, overheating. If you do not know the amp limits, the age or the chemistry of a battery that you have, you should NOT use them in your mechanical mod.

Get familiar with Ohm’s Law in order for you to understand the load that you are placing on your battery. Building coils with RBAs and mechanical mods can be quite the hobby, and we hope you enjoy all the benefits of these advanced devices. Build safe. Vape safe.